Moran requests Postmaster General meet with Congress immediately

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) this week requested that U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Postmaster General Louis DeJoy promptly meet with Congress to discuss USPS reforms.

“Two months ago I requested a meeting with you and was informed you did not intend to engage with Congress for the time being. As the country continues to battle COVID-19 and prepares for a presidential election, it is imperative that your engagement with Congress begins immediately,” Sen. Moran wrote in an Aug. 17 letter sent to DeJoy. “I again respectfully request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss postal reform legislation and the recent restructuring of the USPS.”

Hired in June, DeJoy began his position during a tumultuous time for the USPS that includes financial instability while more Americans are depending on reliable mail delivery, wrote Sen. Moran. 

“The Postal Service is navigating uncharted waters but it cannot fail its responsibilities,” the senator noted. “Kansans have expressed grave concern with recent mail delays, especially those waiting for prescription deliveries as timely delivery is often a matter of life and death.”

Many of the necessary USPS reforms require congressional action, rather than unilateral decisions made without the input of stakeholders and Congress, according to Moran’s letter. 

“The urgent threats facing the institution should be spurring you into discussions with Congress and the White House,” he wrote. “Given that President Trump’s chief-of-staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows, was a leader in postal reform during his time in the House of Representatives, I believe this moment in time provides a unique opportunity for this administration to work with a willing audience in Congress eager to achieve long-term reforms for the Postal Service.” 

Sen. Moran also told DeJoy that he is eager to work with him, as well as the White House, “to craft bipartisan legislation that will put the Postal Service back on a sustainable path, allowing it to continue serving Americans for years to come.”