Legislation aimed at improving job opportunities for veterans

During her weekly press conference with Republican leadership on Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) discussed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), legislation that includes a number of provisions to ensure veterans can secure and retain good-paying jobs.

“One issue I discussed with veterans (at the recent Veterans Resource Fair in Eastern Kansas) really struck a nerve with me,” Jenkins said. “Our veterans and our heroes are still struggling with getting good-paying jobs. The unemployment rate for the overall civilian population may be going down, but the unemployment rate for veterans is still well above the average. That’s unacceptable and something we have to address.”

Jenkins reiterated that the House of Representatives will soon vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, which covers many areas important to national defense, including readiness and equipment. The bill also includes many provisions that will greatly benefit soldiers by preparing them for a post-military career. NDAA also addresses several new initiatives for job training and post-service placement for veterans, ensuring they have the opportunity to acquire and retain a job to support their family when they leave the military.
“We need to ensure those who fought for our country get everything that they are owed, need and deserve,” Jenkins concluded.