Hatch outlines pro-innovation agenda to Senate

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), chairman of the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, unveiled a pro-innovation agenda for the 114th Congress last week.

His speech on the Senate floor outlined bipartisan legislation to address patent trolls, protection of trade secrets, the Electronic Communication Privacy Act and high-skilled immigration that he anticipates being addressed in the upcoming Congress.

Some of the issues will be readdressed in the newly Republican-majority Senate after failing to gain support in the 113th Congress.

“America has made extraordinary strides in innovation,” Hatch said. “For decades, we have been the world’s leader in developing new technologies and advancing the Internet age. But we are not the only nation in the hunt. Across the globe, and particularly in China and other parts of Asia, our international competitors are working furiously to catch up.”

Hatch said for the United States to continue to be successful in technology, Congress must ensure the country’s legal and regulatory landscape continues to allow innovators to thrive. He added that the legislation he mentioned should be prioritized and addressed early next year to ensure that success.

“Looking ahead to the next Congress, I intend to do everything in my power to enact pro-technology, pro-innovation policies that will ensure the continued success of our high-tech economy,” Hatch said.