Walorski lauds HUD decision on recreational vehicle classification

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) recently praised a decision by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to not classify recreational vehicles (RVs) as manufactured homes.

Walorski, the co-founder of the Congressional Recreational Vehicle Caucus, has led congressional efforts to codify a simple classification for RVs that prevents manufacturers from having to comply with federal standards for manufactured homes.

“For almost a decade, the RV industry has waited for HUD to provide clear rules and guidelines that define recreational vehicles,” Walorski said. “Today, that wait is over. RV businesses and manufacturers in my district – home to the RV Capital of the World – now have protections from burdensome regulations. For the first time, this important industry will have the certainty needed to keep making quality RVs for the world, enabling our RV industry in Indiana continue to thrive and succeed.”

Previously, a lack of clarity in how RV classes are defined forced manufacturers to rely on bureaucratic interpretations of federal code. HUD’s recent decision to exclude RVs from the manufactured homes classification draws a clear distinction and clarifies federal standards for RV manufacturers.

Walorski introduced the Recreational Vehicle Certainty Act, H.R. 5658, in the 113th Congress. The measure called for codification of a single definition of RVs that separates them from manufactured homes.

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