Reed, Katko release Problem Solvers Caucus policy solutions to fix nation’s infrastructure

Due to years of underinvestment and deferred maintenance, all sectors of America’s infrastructure continue to fall behind other countries with an estimated funding gap rising as high as $2 trillion by 2025, according to a new report released by U.S. Reps. Tom Reed (R-NY), John Katko (R-NY) and other members of the Problem Solvers Caucus and its Infrastructure Working Group.

“We all know our infrastructure is crumbling and we care about the people who feel the impact of our crumbling roads, bridges, ports and utilities every day,” said Rep. Reed, who is co-chair of the 44-member bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. “Congress must come together to act on this issue now, not later.”

Rep. Katko, a caucus member and co-chair of the Infrastructure Working Group, agreed and cited a lack of investment as one reason for the nation’s deteriorating highways, bridges, railways, and ports in his home state of New York and throughout America.

“An upgrade to our nation’s infrastructure is long overdue and is necessary to sustain our recent economic growth and ensure safe travel for all Americans,” Rep. Katko said.

The caucus report, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure, outlines bipartisan policy recommendations to construct a 21st-century, nationwide infrastructure network.

“It’s always better for the country when we act together,” Rep. Reed said. “The bipartisan infrastructure solutions contained in this report provide congressional leadership and the administration with the building blocks necessary to craft a comprehensive infrastructure plan both parties can agree to.”

The report’s policy suggestions address options to improve the nation’s highways, roads and bridges, transit and railways, ports and airports, water and sewer systems, energy systems, the power grid, and broadband and communications networks.

Some of the solutions, for instance, include several for funding and finance, such as recommending that Congress “fulfill its duty to provide stable long-term sustainable funding for infrastructure,” according to the report.

Rep. Katko said it’s imperative that lawmakers “begin to craft a meaningful infrastructure package.”