LaHood joins global democracy commission, leads other groups during 117th Congress

U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL) announced on April 12 that he has been named to the House Democracy Partnership, a bipartisan, 20-member commission of the U.S. House of Representatives that works directly with countries around the world to support the development of effective, independent and responsive legislative institutions. 

“It is an honor to be appointed to the bipartisan House Democracy Partnership,” Rep. LaHood said on Monday. “As the leading group in Congress that supports global democracy, I look forward to working with my colleagues to support responsive and independent legislatures around the globe.” 

The House Democracy Partnership uses peer-to-peer exchanges, trainings and targeted technical assistance to improve accountability, transparency, access to information, and government oversight worldwide, according to the congressman’s office.

In addition, Rep. LaHood also will co-chair several bipartisan caucuses during the 117th Congress: the U.S. China Working Group; the U.S. Brazil Caucus; the Digital Trade Caucus; the U.S. Lebanon Friendship Caucus; the Bus Caucus; the Algae Caucus; the International Water and Sanitation Caucus; and the Soccer Caucus.

“I am pleased to continue my caucus leadership roles and will continue engaging with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and stakeholders in Washington on issues critical to the well-being of residents in central and west-central Illinois,” said Rep. LaHood.