Davis thanks Capitol Police for protections during riot; calls for congressional review

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) last week commended law enforcement actions during the Jan. 6 insurrection by a pro-Trump mob at the U.S. Capitol and called for a bipartisan and bicameral review into the attacks.

“I remain forever grateful for the heroic actions of the U.S. Capitol Police officers who were on the frontlines fending off rioters at the Capitol and other continued threats throughout the campus,” Rep. Davis said on Jan. 7. “It cannot go unsaid that not a single staffer, reporter, member, or anyone else who works on Capitol Hill were seriously injured and that’s a direct result of the efforts of our Capitol Police officers and additional law enforcement.”

However, six people have died due to injuries sustained during the riot, including two Capitol Police officers. Rep. Davis said that the Capitol Police officers were outnumbered and overwhelmed when rioters stormed the building during congressional proceedings to tally the electoral college votes and affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. 

“In the coming days and weeks, this committee needs to do a thorough review of yesterday’s attack and ensure measures are taken to better prepare for and prevent anything like this from happening again,” said Rep. Davis.