Ayotte, Fischer, Portman highlight legislative efforts to ensure equal pay, opportunity for workers of all genders

U.S. Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Deb Fischer (R-NB) and Rob Portman (R-OH) commemorated National Equal Pay Day on Tuesday by highlighting legislative efforts to curb gender-based pay discrimination.

Ayotte introduced the Gender Advancement in Pay (GAP) Act, S. 2773, to take steps to ensure that employers must pay men and women equal wages for equal work without restricting the opportunity of employers to reward employees based on merit.

“Women face many challenges in balancing work and family life, and no woman should face gender-based pay discrimination in the workplace,” Ayotte said. “On Equal Pay Day, I am continuing my fight to make sure women and men receive equal pay for equal work. That’s why I’m calling on my colleagues to pass my legislation, the GAP Act, which is based on New Hampshire’s bipartisan pay equity law. The GAP Act strengthens our equal pay laws and gives employees the knowledge and tools they need to combat wage inequality.”

After engaging with employers and stakeholders in New Hampshire, Ayotte reintroduced an updated version of the GAP Act this week. The bill details provisions for salary transparency and prohibits pay secrecy policies that prevent employees from discussing salaries.

Fischer, meanwhile, discussed the benefits of legislation that she introduced, the Workplace Advancement Act, S. 875, which would establish protections for employees to discuss salary information and require employers to notify workers about equal pay rights.

“I’ve had the opportunity to live my dream, and I believe all women across America should have the opportunity to live theirs,” Fischer said. “Politics is the art of the possible. I hope my equal pay bill can bring Republicans and Democrats together so that more women can lead the lives they choose, support their families, and reach their goals.” 

Portman has cited increased job opportunities and higher wages as top legislative priorities. He also cosponsored the GAP Act and the Workplace Advancement Act to help ensure equal pay for equal work and a level playing field for all workers.

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