Amidst airport security gridlock, Katko calls for support of bill to streamline screening

Amid long waits at security checkpoints at airports, U.S. Rep. John Katko (R-NY) called for support on Tuesday of legislation he introduced to expand the TSA PreCheck program for low-risk passengers.

The TSA PreCheck program is a risk-based security model that allows low-risk passengers to provide biographical information and undergo a security risk assessment to streamline screening at checkpoints.

Katko’s TSA PreCheck Expansion Act, H.R. 2843, would make the program simpler and easier to use by allowing online applications and expanding enrollment centers.

“Recently, we’ve seen an added inconvenience at airports as travelers nationwide are forced to endure lengthy waits at TSA checkpoints,” Katko said. “As we head into Memorial Day weekend and a busy summer of travel, it is critical that the Senate unblock the bipartisan legislation that I’ve passed through the House so that we can make travel more efficient.”

The number of travelers across the United States has approached record numbers, yet there’s been a 10 percent reduction in screening personnel. That has caused hours long delays at some airports across the country, USA Today reports.

“Expanding the TSA PreCheck program is a common sense, responsible solution to the growing wait lines that are plaguing traveling Americans,” Katko said. “I urge my colleagues in the Senate to act swiftly to remedy this problem.”

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