Resolution introduced to express support for humanitarian aid from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) introduced a resolution on Thursday expressing support for efforts by Turkey, Jordan and the Lebanese Republic to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees.

H. Res 509 cites the efforts of the Republic of Turkey, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Lebanese Republic to provide educational opportunities, housing, health care and other forms of humanitarian assistance to those displaced by the Syrian conflict.

The Republic of Turkey and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have maintained an “open door” policy for displaced Syrians with no discrimination of religion or ethnic origin. Turkey has reportedly dedicated $7.6 billion and Jordan $6.6 billion of their own resources as part of an effort to provide for housing, education and health care needs.

The ongoing conflict in Syria has displaced more than half of the nation’s population as of Sept., including an estimated 4.1 million refugees and 7.5 million internally displaced persons. Turkey has registered more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees, while the Lebanese Republic has accepted one million refugees and Jordan has taken in an additional 646,000 refugees.

“These refugees are people who are just like you and me,” Kinzinger said. “They are brothers, sisters, friends; people with lives and dreams of their own. Since 2011, the Syrian conflict has been among the most disruptive and costly of conflicts in the 21st century. The four-year war has taken the lives of over 300,000 Syrians and has displaced more than one-half of the country’s population, with over 4 million Syrians currently residing outside its borders in regional neighbors.

“Our Turkish, Jordanian, and Lebanese partners continue to host millions of people within their borders and are working to provide these mothers, husbands, sons, and daughters with the educational and health care opportunities necessary to help them rebuild their lives.”