House committee pushes U.S. toward modernizing energy laws

U.S. Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), along with his fellow members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, moved the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act to the House floor last week, following a full committee vote of 32-20.

If signed into law, the legislation would bolster the nation’s energy security by investing in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and by updating energy infrastructure to withstand 21st century threats, including cyber, extreme weather and electromagnetic pulse attacks.

In addition, the bill would streamline approval of liquefied natural gas exports and provide coordination on energy diplomacy issues.

Upton said the legislation’s move out of committee is is another step toward modernizing America’s energy laws, which has been an emphasis of the ongoing Congressional agenda.

“Today’s vote that says ‘yes to energy’ marks an important milestone as we work to update our laws for a new era of energy abundance,” Upton said. “We have prioritized creating jobs and improving our infrastructure to ensure affordable energy continues to flow to folks in Michigan and across the country.”

The legislation is the result of a year of Energy and Commerce Committee hearings featuring testimony by such government witnesses as Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, as well as input from organizations within the private sector.

“America has the resources to become an energy superpower,” Upton concluded. “All we need are the right 21st century laws to fulfill our promise.”