Republican-led AG reauthorization bill signed by president

Following deliberate and collaborative work across the aisle spearheaded by House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway (R-TX), President Obama signed the Agriculture Reauthorizations Act of 2015 late Wednesday.
The legislation specifically reauthorizes the Mandatory Price Reporting Act, the U.S. Grain Standards Act and the National Forest Foundation Act.
“These bipartisan bills will provide certainty for farmers and ranchers and prevent devastating impacts on our nation’s meat industries and grain exporters,” Conaway, who introduced the bill on April 28, said.
The legislative language to reauthorize each of the acts was introduced, reported by the House Agriculture Committee and passed by the House on voice vote as standalone measures in June. The Senate then passed the bill on Sept. 21 and sent it back to the House.
On Monday, the full House passed the bill, two days before the Mandatory Price Reporting Act and the U.S. Grain Standards Act were set to expire.
The Agriculture Reauthorizations Act also includes reforms that increase transparency in the livestock markets, maintain the integrity and boost the responsiveness of the nation’s federal grain inspection systems, and promote partnerships to revitalize the U.S. forest system’s 193 million acres.
“I am thankful to my colleagues for getting our work done and passing this legislation,” Conaway said. “Furthermore, the reauthorization of the National Forest Foundation Act will provide funds to the foundation to assist in restoring and enhancing our national forests and grasslands.”
The congressman added that H.R. 2051 represents the bipartisan work of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. On the Senate side, the agriculture committee is headed by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS).