Scalise pushes for removal of ban on crude oil exports

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) this week responded to a Department of Energy study that concluded petroleum product prices in the United States would be either unchanged or slightly reduced by the removal of restrictions on crude oil exports.

“This study by President Obama’s own administration is the latest evidence that it is time to lift the outdated ban on crude oil exports once and for all,” Scalise, the House Majority Whip, said. “We’ve long known that doing away with this relic of the ’70s  will increase domestic production and create an estimated 1 million jobs nationwide, including thousands here in Louisiana. Now, we have further evidence to show that lifting the ban won’t raise gas prices here at home, and in fact may even help lower the price Americans pay at the pump.”

Continuing to work on building support for legislation to reform the crude oil export ban, Scalise recently conducted an interview on New Orleans TV station WWL to discuss the importance of the issue and applaud the efforts of the U.S. Department of Commerce for allowing export swaps of crude oil to Mexico.

“Lifting the crude oil export ban is about strengthening America’s energy security, providing a big boost to our economy and creating jobs so Americans can support their families,” Scalise said “That’s why I’m working hard to grow support among my House colleagues to address this important issue.”