Reed calls for Congress to block Iran Nuclear Agreement

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) released a statement this week to reiterate his opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement drawn up by President Barack Obama, commenting that the deal was a danger to America’s national security.

“This unfair proposal puts Americans here and around the world in very real danger,” Reed said. “People’s lives are at risk if the United States adopts this proposal. We have no guarantee that the leading state sponsor of terror would not give this technology to terrorists to detonate on American soil.”

Reed continued, noting several terms of the agreement he takes issue with, including allowing the Iranians to keep their nuclear centrifuges active, lifting bans on the development of ballistic missile technology and the sale of Iranian oil internationally.

“In exchange for empty promises, this agreement immediately gives the Iranians the means to develop weapons and finances their research,” he said. “We are even giving them the means to deploy this technology beyond their borders and it will all be funded with oil sales to American consumers.”

In addition to asking residents throughout his 23rd Congressional District for their input and positions on the issue, Reed called on his fellow congressmen to protect Americans from the dangers of the proposal by opposing the adoption of the of the deal. “A nuclear Iran is unacceptable to the American people and the world,” Reed said. “The federal government’s top priority must be America’s safety.”

Reed was first elected to represent the 29th District of New York in a special election held November 2, 2010.