Graves proposes changes to military family health coverage

Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.) introduced a bipartisan bill on Thursday that would make it easier for children in military families to maintain health coverage after the age of 26 throughout their parents’ TRICARE plans.

Currently, children must enroll in an independent plan administered through a separate insurance program after they turn 26. The TRICARE Family Improvement Act would streamline the process and allow children to remain covered under TRICARE plans.

“Considering the sacrifice made by our military families, I don’t think it is asking too much to allow them to stay on as long as non-military children are allowed to, and save a few extra dollars on their health insurance costs,” Graves said.

TRICARE, which is managed by the Defense Health Agency, allows enrollees to access healthcare at military hospitals and clinics as well as through civilian healthcare networks.

“Our government already spends too much money on wasteful foreign aid programs, like green energy programs in Africa, or climate change initiatives in Asia,” Graves said. “Cutting spending to these senseless items in order to prioritize caring for the families of brave Americans who protect our freedom on the front lines is something we should all get behind,” Graves said.