Meehan requests audit for postal facility consolidation in his district

Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.) recently requested an audit for the consolidation of the Southeastern Processing and Distribution Center in Treddyfrin, Pa.

The facility consolidation began last year yet recent changes to the plan highlight the longstanding concerns with the decision to consolidate, Meehan said.

“While I understand efforts by the Postal Service to recognize efficiencies and find savings through a nationwide consolidation of mail processing facilities, it has not been adequately demonstrated that this particular revision is the most effective,” Meehan said in his recent letter to Postal Service Inspector General David Williams.

Meehan initially called for a review of the USPS plan to consolidate the Southeastern P&DC in March 2012. Meehan said it was difficult to understand why this facility had been marked for consolidation since it was ranked among the 10 most efficient in the country. Meehan also said he was concerned with the “utter lack of transparency” over the closure process.

“Our independent inquiry into this matter indicates that issues like personnel, transportation and equipment costs are essential to bottom-line savings,” Meehan said. “Yet it is difficult to see how this consolidation will realize savings in these areas. For these reasons there is ample justification to request additional examination of the revised consolidation plan.”