Renacci says tax policies for small business must be consistent

Small business owners need continuity out of Washington D.C. to develop the strategies that will strengthen their financial standing and create much-needed jobs, U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci (R-Ohio) says.

In his weekly column on his website (, Renacci writes that the best example of business uncertainty created in the nation’s capital is the frequent expiration and extension of tax policies. This “leaves our small businesses constantly guessing whether a group of polices that they rely on will be around next year,” he writes.

A certified public accountant and founder of a company that operated managed nursing facilities in Ohio, Renacci claims first-hand experience in the matter. As a member of the Ways & Means Committee, he has “advocated for a simpler, fairer tax code that will encourage our small businesses to hire and expand, and provide relief to individuals and families who continue to grapple with the complexitities of our current system.”

Renacci writes that he was part of meetings that led to Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s Tax Reform Act of 2014, which he supports.

“It would strengthen our economy, provide predictability to our small businesses and create up to 1.8 million jobs,” Renacci says. “While it is not perfect, it is a comprehensive plan that is now on the table and up for debate.”