Congressman: Lifting arms embargo would give Iran ‘license to kill’

After reports on Monday that Iranian negotiators are now demanding that the United Nations arms embargo against their nation be totally lifted as a concession for agreeing to a final nuclear deal, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued a statement to reiterate his concerns with the negotiations.

“With tens of billions of sanctions-relief cash likely coming, Iran now wants free rein to arm Hezbollah terrorists, assist (President Bashar al) Assad in Syria and aid Houthi rebels in Yemen,” Royce said.

Iran is currently under a United Nations arms embargo, which is in place with the intent of preventing the Iranian government from financially or otherwise assisting or arming its allies and surrogates in countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere in the region. Royce said lifting this embargo would be an incredibly dangerous move, but fears that it is one that the Obama administration may actually consider, if it means they can claim a victory by producing any sort of signed agreement with Iran.

“Tehran is seeking to negotiate a license to kill,” Royce said. “The Supreme Leader’s negotiators have clearly been emboldened by the administration’s concessions across the board. I can only hope that this is one line that U.S. negotiators aren’t willing to erase.”