Committee receives ACA enrollment data from insurance companies

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee recently requested enrollment data directly from insurance companies in response to the Obama administration’s reported unwillingness to supply the information.

Sixty-seven percent of people who enrolled in a health plan through the Affordable Care Act’s online exchange had paid their first month’s premium as of April 15, according to the committee.

“The White House that once proudly trumpeted transparency has now gone silent when it comes to how the president’s health law is actually working,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said. “While the Obama administration was quick to celebrate the end of the first open enrollment period, the reports have since disappeared. It’s clear that not everyone who signed up has completed and continued enrollment, and the latest stats from a top insurer could suggest a startling trend. Our efforts for greater transparency will continue.”

Updated data from mid-May revealed that 80 percent of online health exchange enrollees had paid their first month’s premium, which is required to ensure completion of the enrollment process and continued coverage.

The committee said that the Obama administration stopped issuing monthly enrollment reports at the end of the first open enrollment period.