Cassidy amendment would limit DoE considerations on LNG export applications

An amendment introduced on Thursday by Reps. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and John Fleming (R-La.) would restrict the DoE’s use of the concept “perceived impact” when considering export applications for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The amendment to the fiscal year 2015 Energy and Water Appropriations Act would prevent the DoE from considering the perceived impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the public in the LNG export application review process.

“As the largest producer of natural gas in the world, the United States has the ability to expand energy development at home and export liquid natural gas to our allies abroad,” Cassidy said. “Unfortunately, the Obama administration is slow-walking the LNG export process and is now imposing more regulations to further complicate the process. The Cassidy-Fleming amendment would protect LNG export applications from more red tape.”

A report from the DoE, which was called the “Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States,” evaluated the impact of LNG exports to non-Free Trade Agreement countries.

The report concluded that impacts are not “reasonably foreseeable” but there’s a possibility that prolonged litigation could lead to new mitigation measures on natural gas production through the National Environmental Policy Act.

The amendment would prevent the DoE from applying the report, or the perceived impact of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions, in the public interest determination process.