CCDBG amendment would improve childhood literacy

An amendment to the Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization offered by Sen. Rob. Portman (R-Ohio) on Wednesday would require states to take steps to prioritize childhood literacy.

CCDBG, which was established through welfare reform legislation that was signed into law in 1996, provides vouchers for childcare to encourage employment and economic self-sufficiency among parents.

“Improving early language and literacy development is a key strategy to improving kindergarten readiness in Ohio and across the country,” Portman said. “This amendment will help ensure that our children have a solid learning foundation by the time they begin school.”

The amendment would require states to include an evidence-based training framework that promotes child learning, development and school readiness in the CCDBG program.

Literacy advocates, including the Read Aloud 15 MINUTES National Campaign, have supported Portman’s amendment.

“We applaud Sen. Portman’s efforts to place a greater emphasis on reading aloud and other ways to promote early literacy within childcare settings,” Read Aloud Co-founder and President Candace Kendle said. “Read Aloud continues to work with local partners to make sure every parent and child care professional understands that daily reading aloud for 15 minutes is the single most important thing to build literacy skills and lifelong learning success.”