Roby builds momentum for NCLB reform

Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) recently joined House leaders to rally support for legislation that would encourage effective teaching by reining in the federal government’s involvement in schools.

Roby and other Republican members in the House are working to build support for the Student Success Act, which would enact reforms to No Child Left Behind, the nation’s K-12 education law.

Roby recently joined House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on a visit to Washington, D.C.’s Two Rivers Public Charter School to discuss the concept of providing educators more flexibility to improve student achievement.

“Politicians have tried for decades to fix our schools with a ‘Washington-knows-best approach,'” Roby said. “But this top-down scheme hasn’t improved student achievement, and our schools are bogged down in more federal mandates and red tape than ever before.”

The Student Success Act would repeal the Adequate Yearly Progress mandate and replace it with state-determined accountability systems.

Roby said the repeal would return the authority for measuring student performance to states and school districts that are better equipped to respond to unique local needs.

“There are some amazing things happening at Two Rivers School,” Roby said. “For me, it just demonstrates what can happen when we get government out of the way and give our educators the flexibility to innovate. Alabama currently doesn’t have charter schools, and that’s a policy choice only the state can make. However, I believe all public schools can benefit from the flexibility charter schools enjoy; flexibility which the Student Success Act offers.”