Louisiana congressmen push for coastal restoration funding

Louisiana Reps. Steve Scalise (R), Cedric Richmond (D) and Bill Cassidy (R) recently spearheaded an effort to ensure critical funding for coastal restoration projects in Louisiana.

Richmond, a Democrat, joined forces with the two GOP congressmen in sponsoring an amendment to the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill that would give Louisiana $2 million in funding for rebuilding after severe storms. The amendment passed unanimously on the House floor on Wednesday.

“Jumpstarting the Louisiana Coastal Area plan is another vital piece in our efforts to restore our wetlands and enhance our hurricane protection, and I’m proud to lead this effort with my fellow Louisiana colleagues to ensure that coastal restoration remains a national priority,” Scalise said. “Louisiana is only as healthy as her vibrant coast, which is vital to flood protection, and to our Gulf ecosystems and communities.”

Richmond said the amendment would also help protect constituents from the effects of future tropical storms and hurricanes.

“The House of Representatives spoke in a rare, bipartisan fashion that the restoration of Louisiana’s coastline is a national priority,” Richmond said. “The $2 million in funding ensures that Louisiana will be able to move forward with critical restoration projects that will protect our citizens from hurricanes and flooding.”

Louisiana loses 20 miles of coastal land a year due to hurricanes and other severe storms