Boustany, Vitter seek aid for South Louisiana veterans

Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. (R-LA) and Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) recently sent a letter to Veterans’ Affairs secretary Robert McDonald to promote the building of veterans clinics in Lafayette and Lake Charles.

The letter emphasized the fact that Sloan Gibson, the VA Deputy Secretary, recently visited Louisiana and saw poor conditions at the Lafayette community-based outpatient clinic (CBOC).

“During his visit, Deputy Secretary Gibson remarked that the conditions at the Lafayette CBOC are ‘inadequate and unacceptable’,”

Boustany and Vitter wrote. “We agree. Unfortunately, this has long been the reality in South Louisiana. We want to work with you to turn this legacy around… We also ask that you pay close attention to the progress of each facility and do all in your power to expedite the Lafayette and Lake Charles clinics whenever possible.”

Boustany and Vitter wrote that significant problems for veterans persist elsewhere in the state, but stressed the immediate needs of the areas they addressed.

“You should be aware that veterans in this area are currently served by a mobile VA clinic,” they added. “Surely the fact that conditions at the Lafayette facility are ‘inadequate and unacceptable’ clarifies how great the need is for a permanent CBOC in Lake Charles as well as in Lafayette.”