Utah’s Love brings versatile background to Washington

With a versatile and extensive background in the service industry, corporate marketing and the local political sector, U.S. Rep.-elect Mia Love (R-Utah) has logged the experience necessary to observe issues from all perspectives.

She realized the need for strong, smart leadership in our nation, and that’s what led her to enter the race for Congress in the first place.

“I ran for Congress because I believe this country is in real trouble,” Love wrote in the Ripon Forum. “It’s up to We the People to fix things before it’s too late. The people of America want a government that is transparent. Our citizens deserve to know and understand the ‘hows and whys’ for decisions made at every level of government.”

After serving on the Saratoga Springs (Utah) City Council from 2004 to 2010, and then serving a four-year term as mayor of the city, Love developed a firm foundation of government experience, educating herself on how the desires and needs of the constituents are translated into action.

“The people also want to see a government that is accountable for the decisions it makes,” Love said. “Cities, towns and the state of Utah operate budgets that must be balanced each year—and so should Washington. Sound financial management is essential to preserving opportunity for future generations.”

Though she is moving her political experience to the national level, Love has not forgotten her passion for seeing things get accomplished locally. Her priorities have not changed.

“Quality education is a top priority for me,” Love said. “As a mother with three children enrolled in public schools, I believe that Utah—not the federal government—knows what is best for Utah’s students. I trust Utah teachers and Utah parents over Washington bureaucrats, and I want to give our parents and teachers as much flexibility as possible when it comes to making education decisions for our children.”

Improving the economy is also a priority.

“During my term as mayor of Saratoga Springs, I focused my time and energy on economic development,” Love said. “To promote job creation, I understand the importance of keeping taxes low and eliminating unnecessary red tape.”

Love also sees the importance of correcting the problems with health care.

“Like the vast majority of Americans, I oppose Obamacare,” Love said. “But more importantly, I have a plan for what to replace it with. My health care plan calls for common sense solutions that empower patients and doctors, reduce costs, increase competition, and place more freedom and health care options back into the hands of the American people.”

When she’s not busy working with her fellow lawmakers, Love enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

“Our family loves spending time in the outdoors, so my ideal day would include camping or hiking with my family in one of Utah’s many beautiful state or national parks,” Love said.