Bucshon, Steil, McCaul, McCarthy join GOP colleagues in unveiling Commitment to America

U.S. Reps. Larry Bucshon (R-IN), Bryan Steil (R-WI), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Michael McCaul (R-TX) joined the rest of the House Republican Conference last week to propose their Commitment to America, a comprehensive plan to offer solutions on the economy, safety, freedom, and government accountability and to get America back on track.

“With Democrats in control of the White House, Senate, and House, we have seen a Washington-driven top-down approach that fails to address the real concerns of the American people,” Rep. Bucshon said. “The Democrats’ agenda has sent the cost of living sky-high, set record high prices at the pump, and neglected to address supply chain and workforce concerns that are crippling our nation.” 

The Commitment to America policy agenda, he said, “is a commonsense policy agenda that is focused on addressing the issues important to American families and businesses on Main Street — not issues important to liberal special interests in Washington.” 

The lawmakers on Sept. 23 presented the Commitment to America policy agenda during an event held in Washington County, Pa., where they spoke directly with fellow citizens on the issues important to the American people, including the crisis at the border, the fentanyl flooding into towns and communities, and rising prices.

“I’m committed to creating a strong economy, keeping our communities safe, and holding the government accountable,” Rep. Steil said. “One-party control in Washington has lost sight of the American people’s priorities. We can change that. It’s time to address high prices, crime in our communities, and bring back checks and balances to Washington.”

During the event, Rep. Steil was asked a question from a mother about the cost of living. The congressman responded that the Commitment to America will provide “an all-the-above approach,” which could “dramatically reduce the cost of your family’s grocery bill.”

The nation also needs to enact policies that connect American workers to the workforce and prepare them for the jobs of the future,” added Rep. Steil.

According to its preamble, the Commitment to America represents a new direction and better approach that will get the nation back on track. 

“Because Americans are workers and builders, we commit to remove government-imposed obstacles to their success. Hardworking taxpayers should be valued, not punished,” the preamble says. “Because no American should live in fear, we commit to reverse soft-on-crime policies that have caused violence in our communities.”

Public safety is a necessity, not a privilege, according to the preamble, and because Americans are learners and dreamers, “we commit to advance excellence in education and respect for dedicated parents and teachers. Our future depends on it.” 

“We need to ensure the United States remains the number one economic and military power in the world. And that starts with prioritizing our national security,” Rep. McCaul said. “That’s why I’m proud to join Leader McCarthy in our Commitment to America.”

The policy agenda, said Rep. McCaul, is a promise by Republicans “to ensure robust oversight to hold the Biden administration accountable for the deadly and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, confront the generational threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party, and renew America’s strength.”