Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gardner bill would curb ACA compensation

Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) announced on Friday that he would introduce legislation that prohibits bonuses and wage increases for executives of state healthcare exchanges amid reports that one CEO received a raise despite low enrollment numbers.

"While hundreds of thousands of Coloradans were dealing with cancellation and rate increase notices in October, the CEO of Connect for Health Colorado seemingly had more pressing concerns at hand - making sure that her taxpayer-funded salary grew even larger," Gardner said.

In the private sector, Gardner added, pay raises and bonuses are based on an employee's ability and performance benchmarks.

"...Those running state exchanges must not be given special treatment," Gardner said.

Gardner vowed to work as a steward of taxpayer money and to continue to provide oversight of the Affordable Care Act.

"Connect for Health Colorado's inability to meet the lowest target enrollment numbers calls into question the exchange's ability to even fund itself when federal grants run dry in 2016," Gardner said. "Those running the exchanges need to put more effort into raising enrollment numbers and less time figuring out how to make more taxpayer money."

Despite a wage increase, Connect for Health Colorado's enrollment numbers are half of the exchange's "worst-case projection," according to reports.